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my name is khang  the founder the company,i am 33 years old, i am Tay minority i come from Yen Bai province north east of Hanoi about 280km where i live have border with 2 provices Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang, i am grow up from a small village where there are 3 ethnic minorities live together, my village located in a Valley with beautiful rice paddies field 99% people from my village are farmer, people grow rice and corn, all year around doing very hard work, my parrent also grow rice and corn, i see the live so hard and poor i would like to escape of the farm, in 2004 i decited intrance to studay at tourism university, then i start to wok as tour guide from 2007, i would as trekking guide, motorcycle tour guide i have been to all places in the not, Ha Giang and Sapa both of this place make me love it so much, i am well know  all about mountain area, i work as tour guide for over 7 years, then i change my work come to work at the office as tour operator and learn alot of desigh a specail tour, food tour around hanoi. i see Motorbike tour is one of the best way to see the places in Vietnam, as many villages in the mountain area car can not access my idea do easy riders in each cities i use to love and like to discover then my tour company open from 2017, first i am open my tour start from Hanoi, hanoi tour i do specail rider is All female wear traditional dress, then i open my  branch easy riders in sapa, then Ninh Binh, Hoi an, hue, saigon, and  you know Ha Giang is my last place i am open my branch beause my wifi from Ha Giang, but Ha Giang is truthly beautiful for motorbike tour, come with my tour i would like to show the real vietnamese culture this picture of me and my wife and litle son 


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